Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Enjoyable Body Check Up @Palace of the Golden Horses

I am not in the mood to blog lately, so here's a short one :P

After much procrastination, I finally had a full body check-up recently.


The health centre at Golden Horses

I was given this to wear, which is big enough to fit two of me.

I think this is my first time having my urine tested. Hehe..kinda gross wondering if I can keep my hands clean during the collection process.

Helico Test....Haven't heard of but we took the test anyway.

New discovery: This is my X-ray and my back bones is actually crooked . No wonder one of my shoulder is higher than the other. I used to thought that it was due to my bad posture from holding my handbag on one shoulder...


While waiting for the result, we had our lunch at the hotel.

It's was a sumptuous and balanced meal.
By this time, we could eat a cow cause we have been fasting since 12midnight yesterday which is required before we can take the test.
And my body checkup result.....

Other than having slighty high cholestrol, I am fine. yahooo!!!

At here, it's cool that they will let u know your result on the same day so that you would not have to go thru hell wondering for days if you have some terminal diseases or whatsoever. My next plan is to get the jab for cervical cancer vaccination ...>_<

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