Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rojak's Guide to Wedding Preparation Part 1

I have been super busy lately juggling my new career, my wedding which is 2 months away!!! and lots of other trivia stuff. In fact, exactly one week before, I was already freaking out cause my wedding preparation status is like 20% to completions. AND. I might have to move to our new house within the same period too. or not. still waiting for our property agent to revert. I am going to keel him if he is not able to confirm by tomorrow. I promise.

My Wedding Planning Diary:
2 months before

Week 8 before the wedding
Meeting with the restaurant mainly to confirm the menu and to decide on the food tasting date. Other stuff to discuss are such as what's in the package and what's not, special requests, seating arrangements, reception area, decoration, etc etc

Week 7 before the wedding
  1. Breaking the news & inviting my guest (via sms & fb)
  2. Deciding on who is your maid of honour, best man, the main jeemuis and hengtais to alleviate your suffering ie. to book them in advance so that they can help you with the responsibilities. 
  3. Deciding on the wedding theme which is going to affect the outfits of the bride, bride grooms, bridemaids, mother father, dresscode, flowers to use, venue and reception decor and so on. It's going to be a lot Pink, Hello Kitty and Fabulous elements. I am super super excited on how is this gonna turn out!
  4. Casual conversation with close relatives on wedding stuffs during breakfast outings eg: which distant relatives to invite, who to occupy the host table, rituals, tips, sharing, etc etc
  5. Shopping!!! (which is my favourite part) for wedding stuffs and other non-relevant stuff since it's the mega sale season now.
         Here's our shopping list :)))))
  • gold bar (Roy) [Instead of getting the must-have ring for the bridegroom, we have decided that the best replacement is a gold bar simply because it is bad fashion to wear a gold ring unless your occupation is a hip hop singer or similiar.]
  • pants (Roy)
  • Longines watch (Elle)
Lin Chi Ling and yummy Longines male model

  • Camera (Elle/Roy) 
  • To be continued...
The heavy duty, time-consuming and still yet-to-do:
  • making our wedding preps behind-the-scene video
  • making our wedding timeline video (from baby to getting to know each other, yada yada)
I can sense Panic now. I need to Focus. Focus. & Focus.To be continued...



  1. No worry, you can be full time doing all these, two mths is sufficient.

  2. Just shout if u need any hands ;D


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